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Choose right fusible interfacing fabric

right fusible interfacing fabric

Fusible interfacing fabric is a kind of interfacing which coated with hot melt glue. The glue side is attached to the back of fabric by high temperature heating, when the fabric need to be crisp and thicker, or the fabric is too soft to operate, added interfacing to be reflected good shape.

Now days, fusible interfacing has become an important symbol of modern garment technology. Not only because it simplify the production of clothing, but also improve efficiency and reduce cost, better reflect the modern style.

With the popularity of fusible interfacing, clothing technology person are concerned about how to choose and use interfacing fabric. In the following, we will make introduction of selecting right interfacing, fusible methods, and solution of bonding problem.

Fusible interfacing fabric is divided into non woven fusible interfacing, woven fusible interfacing and knit fusible interfacing from weaving way. Non woven fusible interfacing has advantage of lightweight, no wrinkles, stable dimension and no shrinkage after washing. Woven fusible interfacing bonding with lining tightly, the lining with loose texture is relatively soft and close texture is more solid, you can choose according to request. Due to flexibility and drapability, knit fusible interfacing can be used for knitted fabrics, also soft woven fabric for sewing.