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Application of fusible fleece interfacing alternative are endless

fusible fleece interfacing alternative application

Fusible interlining fabrics gives the crafts a straight and angular shape, while the effect of fusible fleece interfacing substitute will be more plump and convex. The latter adds a layer of softness to crafts, apparel sewing and home decorating, which can be fused to fabric easily, especially for making bags.

Depending on the style you want to express, you can decide whether to use fusible interfacing or fleece interfacing. Of course, the fleece interfacing can’t be replaced by the adhesive lining in some parts of places, such as quilting.

At present, the most common material of fusible fleece in the domestic market is chemical fiber. In terms of structure, it is divided into tight and fluffy polyester cotton. No sewing, no basting, no pinning, fusible fleece alternative can be easily bonded with fabric.

The special usage and techniques as below:

  • Apparel Accessories

You can use our fleece interfacing to enhance sewing and wearable art fashions. To eliminate tedious pinning and basting, apply it to the back of fabric and then machine quilt.

  • Hand made Crafts

For soft toys, use fusible fleece substitute to smooth out the rough edges. Fuse to the inside of the toy sections before assembling.

  • Home decoration

On foam or fiber-filled items, such as pillow, fuse fleece to the inside cover before assembling and stuffing.

We have one side fusible and double sided fusible fleece, soft and hard hand feeling. When you decide to order, please kindly inform us in advance.