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How to use fusible interfacing bonded with fabrics

fusible interfacing bonded fabrics

You need to draw a picture of fusible interfacing and then cut out your patterns pieces of the fabric and interfacing. After that, place the cut interfacing over to the back of the material that needs to be bonded. Finally, use electric iron heat and stabilizer the parts together. You can check it and see if sticky together, if not, then repeat iron it again.

When using the fusible interlining, it is necessary to stick the interlining with fabric or lining material in a certain temperature, pressure and time to achieve a beautiful effect. Nowadays, fusible interlining become the main material of modern garment production, There are also some following considerations in usage should be noted.

  • Compatible with the performance of clothing fabrics. These properties mainly include color, weight, thickness, color fastness, drapability, shrinkage etc. The interfacing material must be subject to pre-shrinkage before cut. For the light color or lightweight fabrics, should pay special attention to the color fastness of the interlining, to avoid the appearance of stained, breathable and other undesirable phenomena.
  • Harmonized with the requirements of costume modeling. Due to the difference in types and characteristics of interfacing fabric, the corresponding type, thickness, weight, hand feeling and elastic material should be selected according to the different design parts and requirements of the garment. And note that the warp and weft direction of interlining fabric when cutting, to meet with the requirements of fashion design accurately and perfectly.

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