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Talk about the peeling strength of fusible interfacing

fusible interfacing peeling strength

When chatting with customers, we often talk about the peeling strength of fusible interfacing, which is an important physical indicator. There are four main stages for stripping test of adhesive lining, as peeling after bonding, washing, dry cleaning and steaming. For different purposes of interfacing fabric, stripping requirements are not the same, and some of them only need to meet partial conditions, which can be determined according to actual requirements.

The factors affecting the peeling strength of adhesive lining are as follows:

  1. The peeling strength of the adhesive lining increased with the increase of the coating. But the excessive amount of coating will cause penetration and affect the hand feeling of fabric.
  2. The homogeneity of the distribution of coating, the transfer of hot melt adhesive and the melting status when bonding with fabrics.
  3. The geometric shape of coating and the distribution density of the hot melt glue.
  4. The adhesion of hot melt glue, thermal fluidity, powder properties and fluidity of the slurry.
  5. The type of fiber, weave specifications and after-processing for base fabric.
  6. The surface smoothness of fabric, whether through resin finishing or organic silicone oil waterproof finishing, etc
  7. Pressing equipment, fusing conditions and pressing method etc.

Due to the limitation of coating equipment and operation level, the peeling strength can not be absolutely uniform, but 10% more or less allowed. The stripping uniformity reflects the quality of fusible interfacing and the standard of pressing.