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Hot melt adhesive film and its characteristics

hot melt adhesive film

What is hot melt adhesive film?

Hot melt adhesive film, also known as hot melt adhesive, hot melt glue, hot melt film, which is similar to double sided adhesive, can glue two materials permanently. The product is composed of hot melt adhesive film layer and release paper. The film layer feels like ordinary film without stickness at room temperature, after heated to the melting point, the adhesive layer melts to produce strong stickiness, which can firmly adhere to the two layers of materials to be bonded.

What is the characteristics of hot melt adhesive film?

Hot melt film inherits the environmental protection of hot melt adhesive and features of fast bonding. It is widely used in the adhesion of textile fabrics, leather, plastic products, foaming products, metal composite plates and electronic field. Because of non-viscous under normal temperature, it is easy to transport and storage, and often used in some material back glue and whole sale, such as trademark back glue, embroidery patches, badges, PVC label glue, reflective material, decoration film, decoration materials of gum and so on.

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