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What is non woven fusible interfacing and how to use it

non woven fusible interfacing

Non woven fusible interfacing is also called paper lining in Pearl River Delta of China. Because it looks like paper without latitude and longitude line, can cut in any direction, hence the name. Compared with woven interfacing, non woven interfacing is cheaper and great for most applications. Whether make clothes or sew bags, you need interfacing to support every part on your projects.

As a kind of adhesive interfacing, non woven interfacing has glue on one side, you can see this quite easily as a shiny glow on the interfacing or feel it as rough tiny dots, but sometimes the glue can be on both sides. Different coating, different functions, you should take care to read the instructions and methods of interfacing.

iron on non woven fusible interfacing

Here is simple operation steps, maybe can help the people make DIY at home.

  • Choose the right weight interfacing similar to your fabric.
  • Cut the pattern pieces of non woven fusible interfacing and fabric.
  • Before ironing the parts together that the glue dotted side are facing the right side of the fabric.
  • Adjust the iron temperature according to the thickness of layer and glue coating.
  • Press the interfacing so that the glue on will be heated and melted, then tightly adhered to the back of the fabric.
  • Try not to get the glue on your iron , it makes a nasty mess and can transfer to other projects or your ironing board next time.

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