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Chiffon silk interfacing and its advantages

silk interfacing

silk interfacing

Silk interfacing is similar to silk, because of its smooth and soft features, there are also merchants in the market call it silk interfacing. The type of glue is PA point and the colloidal particles are white and transparent. They are water-resistant, dry-cleaning, single-side adhesive, and can be glued directly with the iron.

Let us know the advantages:

  • This kind of interfacing fabric is applicable to man and women’s fashion, cotton, linen, ultra-thin silk knitting and other light fabric, especial for color matching.
  • The glue point is super small and not visible after bonded, it is the best fusible interfacing for chiffon fabric and georgette fabric.
  • The product can be applied to various types of thin fabrics, with light weight and fine powder particles, it can prevent the rubber powder from infiltrating into the surface of the fabric during pressing, which cause undesirable phenomena.
  • No deformation, no edge, low shrinkage rate, small change in fabric style.
  • Black glue products solve the the defect of black chiffon fabric with white glue penetration.