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Superior performance of hot melt adhesive film

hot melt adhesive application

Embroidery hot melt adhesive film is a new type of embroidery paper, almost completely replace paper lining and water soluble embroidery. Be made by 100% polyolefin and environmental protection material, non-toxic, formaldehyde free, chronic degradation, no residual. This product is suitable for all kinds of fabrics and clothing embroidery high requirements to meet international standards, and can improve the quality of the finished embroidery and additional value.

Traditional embroidery backing paper is not easy to peel off. Furthermore, the finished product is easy to wrinkle after removal, causing the product to be defective, time-consuming and not beautiful. Based on the principle of computer embroidery, hot melt film is unique with perforation, coarse grain and breathable permeability. The one-way pulling strength and rough facing down produce strong friction, thus prevent the cut piece shifting.

To coincide with the usage of the glue film, we have introduced a variety of automatic and manual film stripping machine. The machine designed compact and nimble, does not occupy a space, it also can improve the efficiency of production. In addition, the low temperature ensure the fabric and embroidery line won’t shrinkage and decolor.

Warm tips: never use a steam iron the hot film, or it will damage your fabric. Use a soldering iron to iron and adjust the temperature to the highest, preferably with a special heat melt machine.