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The types and application of embroidery backing stabilizer

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The main types of stabilizer are available cutaway, tearaway, water soluble and heat away. Below we’ll take a look at each type and when you might want to use it.

  • Cut away stabilizer

For knits and stretch fabric, cut-away stabilizers work well. You can cut off the extra parts of backing paper without pulling. If embroidery on lightweight or thin fabric, such as t-shirt, to make sure use a similar weight backing.

  • Tear away stabilizer

Tear away backing is the foundation for all the great embroidery designs. It can provide stability and keeps the material from slipping. Whether you want to embroider woven materials, fleece, or caps, tear away embroidery backing paper will be there with your every step of the way. Premium materials make it so easy to tear. It will not leave scratchy paper residue behind, giving you a clean design.

  • Water soluble stabilizer

Water soluble backing is the ideal stabilizer for lace or other free standing embroidery designs. If you need to remove the backing thoroughly, should choose water soluble fabric, it can be used on either the top or bottom of your embroidery garment or embroidery blank. After finished stitching, simply submerse your project in water and our products dissolves.

  • Heat away stabilizer

Hot melt adhesive film is transparent plastic film used as an embroidery topping on fabrics or as a stabilizer. This film has a rough surface that grips the material, preventing slippage when sewing on it, and can be either torn or melted away. For the fabric not resist to water wash, or not suitable for cutaway and tear away, you can choose heat away.